PH TL5C40830 40W 3000K Circular Expand

PH TL5C40830 40W 3000K Circular




TL5 Circular PH-TL5C40 830- 2gx13

40W -3000k - 4200lm - Warmlight

Ra 80  - 16 mm dia. tube

Our Price: 30,73 € tax incl.

Spend 100,00 € more and get Free Shipping!

Radium is a company founded in 1904 in Wipperfürth. They produced high quality tungsten wire. With their expertise they advanced to one of the most important companies of the region and nowadays among the top of lamp manufacturers.

The main features of Radium are experience, inventiveness, commitment of employees, a high standard and very efficient production.

Lightandshade and Radium have been partners for many years and do their very best to provide you with a smooth service.

For larger quantities we can make a competitive offer.

PH TL5C40830 40W 3000K Circular

PH TL5C40830 40W 3000K Circular

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