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MrMaria Anana LED




MrMaria Olifant Anana lamp LED


De Anana Lamp van Papamaria is een leuke lamp voor jong en oud.

Materiaal: Polyethyleen, Beertje Nanuk:
Bovendien milieuvriendelijk en makkelijk afwasbaar.

230V - Geleverd met Dimbare Led module

52 x 44 x 44 cm.onbreekbaar en recycleerbaar.

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Everybody knows that clouds can give rain when they get cold and grey.  But sometimes they do not get cold and grey; they stay white and just get bigger and warmer.  It is the sun and the wind that cradle these clouds.  After 22 months when these clouds are so big that they almost pop, they give birth to an elephant.  A cloud elephant.  


These elephants are very similar to the elephants we know, except they are white and can radiate a soft, warm light.  Although they don't get very big, they are strong and brave.


One of these elephants is named Anana and she is a real family elephant.  She loves children and loves to dream with them.  Sometimes when there are big fluffy whity clouds in the sky and you listen very carefully, you can hear anana's trumpet.  She is just saying hello.

Product infoAccessoires zoals inbouwdozen, lampen, transformatoren, etc. zijn standaard nooit inbegrepen, tenzij waar anders vermeld, indien uw gewenste uitvoering niet vermeld staat, kunt u ons steeds contacteren hiervoor.

Papamaria is a Dutch design brand design studio Mr. Maria.

The intention of the designers is to create a magical world and put a smile on everyone's face. In this they have succeeded with their happy creatures!

Lightandshade and Papamaria have been partners for some time and provide excellent service for their customers.

For larger quantities we can make a competitive offer.

MrMaria Anana LED

MrMaria Anana LED

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