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  • Seletti Ubiqua Lamp SE07763
  • Seletti Ubiqua Lamp SE07763
  • Seletti Ubiqua Lamp SE07763
  • Seletti Ubiqua Lamp SE07763
  • Seletti Ubiqua Lamp SE07763
  • Seletti Ubiqua Lamp SE07763
  • Seletti Ubiqua Lamp SE07763

Seletti Lighting Ubiqua Lamp SE07763



Seletti Ubiqua Design industrial lamp
(easy to hang) 

 230V 10W Eco saver lamp 

Material: cable + grip in silicon, body in metal + glass

Size: dia.13 cm - H.28cm 

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Seletti, a history of vision and evolution. Ever since it was established in 1964 by Romano and Maria Seletti, the company has pursued a mission by making the most of professionalism, service and above all ceaseless product research. Striving for improvement, innovation and difference. In 1972, a true pioneer, Seletti senses that the future of production will be concentrated in the Far East, and he starts a lively, flourishing import business. He doesn't simply buy and sell, he deals with reasoned, active choices on ranges of products capable of being ahead of the market and trends. Over the years the company expands and responds with extreme versatility to the changing market and distribution dynamics. Under the leadership of the second Seletti generation, Stefano and Miria (brother and sister), the company focuses further on "tout-court" design projects and on the creativity of Italian excellence. Products are enriched with style, quality and recognisability, created by important international designers.


The collections launched from this new viewpoint have enabled Seletti to present on the market in the last decade products that have become classics, recognised and appreciated, asserting the brand worldwide. The personality of the brand is synonymous today with value, movement, provocation, innovation, original matching; it is art blended with icons of daily life, objects that send the end user a message of shape, function and the possibility to create a unique, personal, fun life style. Today Seletti aims at a new poetry of production and daily life, an on-going journey within the idea of beauty. For us this is (r) évolution.



ProductinfoAccessoires zoals inbouwdozen, lampen, transformatoren, etc. zijn standaard nooit inbegrepen, tenzij waar anders vermeld, indien uw gewenste uitvoering niet vermeld staat, kunt u ons steeds contacteren hiervoor.

Seletti: Laat je verrassen door de unieke ontwerpen van Seletti. Je interieur krijgt meer kleur en persoonlijkheid met het vernieuwende en creatieve design. Artistieke en unieke oplossingen voor je dagelijkse behoeftes. Seletti werkt al verschillende jaren samen met Lightandshade. Hierdoor is het ook mogelijk voor ons om u een uitstekende service aan te bieden.

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Seletti Lighting Ubiqua Lamp SE07763

Seletti Lighting Ubiqua Lamp SE07763

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